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Last show with The Arguido!

19 Oct 2012

After four previous clashes with Def P & Beatbusters we are looking forward to the "Final Face-Off" in de Melkweg on December 22nd. This will be a very special night for several reasons. It will be our 10th show at the Melkweg, the 250th Phantom Four gig and our very last concert with The Arguido. After two years of playing with The Arguido a.k.a. The Silver Surfering Rudeboy we will be focussing on recording a new fully instrumental album and Rudeboy will be working on new projects. So this night is our farewell to Rudeboy, one the most gifted frontmen in Dutch music history. Is was an honour and a pleasure to work with this living legend, touring for two years and recording a beautiful record. By any means the 22nd of december will be a very special night, be there if you can!

Melkweg 22nd